Zombies, Run

I’m starting to really enjoy my three weekly runs. A running app called Zombies, Run is a huge reason why. I just completed week three of my C25K training. Definitely wish I had found Zombies, Run sooner. I only have three runs under my belt with Zombies, Run. Today I’ll be giving you my first impressions.

I love all things zombies! Movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, whatever I can get I love it all! Which if you have bounced off of The Walking Dead you need to come back! The most recent season featuring the whisperers is amazing!

Zombies, Run is an immersive running app that features you, as runner five. I won’t get to much into the story so as to not spoil anything for you. Basically you play the role of runner five during the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. The story has different missions where you have to run to certain locations, run from zombies, pick up supplies, and many other missions. The supplies you collect during your run you can use to upgrade your home base.

The story is so immersive that yesterday I was running a distraction mission. I had to run to a virtual gate get the zombies attention and lead them away. While leading them away, at times I had to run with a burst of speed. A few times there was a voice from the towns sniper that came on and would tell me to put my head down so she could shoot a zombie that was getting too close. I found myself ducking in the real world.

One thing I will mention is that you can still play your music. The app will automatically lower your musics volume whenever the narration starts. Now this is fine for music but, does not work well for podcasts. The Zombies, Run app will come on over any external audio. The external audio still plays in the background just at a lower volume that you can select.

I wish that the app would pause the external audio instead of just lowering the volume. Overall though it’s a very entertaining running companion that has made me look forward to my runs even more!


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