C25K so far

I just completed week six of my eight week couch to 5k or C25K training. I am so impressed with this program! It hasn’t been easy but the workouts have been do able.

When I first started this program six weeks ago there was absolutely no way I could even go out and run a mile without walking most of it. Now six weeks in and I just ran 2.25 miles with absolutely no walking and was able to keep a pace of 9.06 minutes per mile the whole time!

I will say that for all the good things the C25K app does there is one weakness, that weakness is tracking your actual run and pace. To make up for that weakness I downloaded the Nike Run Club app. The Nike Run Club app tracks your gps, keeps your time, tracks your pace, and notes elevation changes. Below is the first run/walk I ever did with the Nike Run Club app.

Here is the run I just completed.

You can see I’ve made some huge improvements. Still have two weeks to go!

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